Meningitis Now staff - Suzanne Monaghan

I enjoy working on projects that involve a creative element

Suzanne Monaghan

Projects Officer

Hello, I'm Suzanne, Projects Officer at Meningitis Now

A brief overview of your role - what are you responsible for?

I work independently, using my skills across the organisation to help coordinate project-based work where my colleagues need support. Recent projects include the annual Parliamentary Reception, introduction of the Rebuilding Futures Fund, Believe and Achieve weekends and currently, looking at how we can improve the promotion of our range of support services.

Your favourite part of your role

There are many process driven skills needed in project work, however, I do enjoy working on projects that involve a creative element.

A fun fact about yourself

In my youth (I can just about remember!), I represented the county at table tennis. 

How you can be contacted

Email me at or call me on 01453 769 010.