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Team picture Fundraising

Fundraising, Events, Digital Fundraising, Individual Giving

- Fundraising Team

Who are the Meningitis Now Fundraising Team?

Our Fundraising Team are here to support you with everything you need to make your fundraising a success. The team have a wealth of knowledge and experience, so whether you want to run a marathon, host a bake sale, or organise an event in the workplace, we can help.

Contact the team on Fundraising@meningitisnow.org or call 01453 768000.

The People

Trevor Reid - Director of Fundraising & Communications

Leah Morgan – Fundraising Manager

Claire Ellis – Senior Fundraising Officer (Community & Events)

Joanne Wilson – Senior Fundraising Officer (Individual Giving)

Jane Reed – Senior Fundraising Officer (Individual Giving)

Kat Hollywell – Fundraising Officer

Kyra McDonnell – Fundraising Officer

Sophia Lanciano-Newman - Fundraising Officer

Carrie Marshall - Fundraising Officer

Ellie Griffiths-Edwards - Fundraising Officer