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Standards and Ethical Policy

Our values are clear and we seek to ensure that everything we do is done to the highest standard and in line with standards set by appropriate expert or governing bodies.

How we do it

As a registered charity and company limited by guarantee, Meningitis Now complies with both Company and Charity Law, and guidance as issued by the Charity Commission of England and Wales and the Office of Scottish Charity Regulation (OSCR).

We are proud to be a member of the following organisations:

  • The Helplines Partnership
  • Fundraising Regulator
  • Association of Medical Research Charities
  • The Information Standard

Recognising that we are dealing with vulnerable people, all of our staff and Trustees are cleared through the Criminal Records Bureau. We have policies that have been agreed by the Board to protect our staff and beneficiaries including policies for child protection and lone working.

Our Ethical Policy

We know that to achieve our vision, we need to work in partnership with others. However, we will always remain independent and only pursue initiatives that don’t compromise this and that are consistent with our values.

  • We reserve the right to express our views even where these may be in conflict with a partner organisation, official body or similar and/or to comment where we do not believe that the interests of our beneficiaries are being appropriately served
  • We make every effort not to knowingly accept or solicit funds from organisations involved in arms trading or tobacco manufacture

Working with third parties

  • We don’t endorse or approve products or companies (and a statement to this effect will be included alongside any branding or promotion associated with products)
  • We will only be involved with promotions that reflect our own values
  • Our database will never be given or sold to any third party in whole or part, nor will a third party be given access to it unless solely for the purposes of undertaking work on our behalf for which we have a contract in place
  • We will not purchase goods and services that are produced and delivered under conditions that involve the abuse or exploitation of any persons