Bronwyn's experience

29th October 2015

When Bronwyn was 17 years old she contracted meningococcal septicaemia which had a huge effect on the rest of her life

She had just returned to South Africa after visiting her dad in England when she came down with violent sickness and terrible headaches. She was also suffering from pain in her stomach. 

Bronwyn spent seven hours in theatre and a total of three weeks in ICU on life support. Thankfully she recovered and was able to tell us about her experience:

“It's something you will probably only understand once you have had it. As part of my surgery I had my stomach operated on to take out my appendix as doctors thought that could be part of the problem. I was in theatre for seven hours and had a blood transfusion, which my mother initially had said no to. But it was urgently needed and I'm thankful I had it.”

Bronwyn went on to describe the effects meningitis has had on her life.

“I kept walking out of class crying after I had recovered enough to go back to school. I'm older now, so that's all in the past. But I have realised that it probably did have a major effect on my life.”

“You do forget pain over time, but I would feel for anyone who gets this disease. It's the most awful experience I have ever been through and I wouldn't wish it upon anyone.”