Mollie’s experience

5th December 2015

On 20 October, Mollie wasn’t feeling in great shape, feeling tired and achy, but carried on with her daily routine and headed off to college

Mollie FFN Letterbox
Before long, she began feeling worse, with a terrible headache and sickness, so phoned her grandparents to bring her home.

Mollie’s parents began to worry when she seemed to act 'spaced out' and weak, and when her eyes began rolling they called for an ambulance.

We spoke to Mollie’s mum about what happened next:

“Mollie's left hand started to contort and I noticed her left foot was visibly weaker. The paramedic thought it might be neurological. She was wheeled to the ambulance and they explained where we were going, what she was going through, and phoned ahead to the hospital with a possible diagnosis.”

“The paramedic asked me if she had any rashes. I said that I had pointed out a few tiny purple spots on her stomach to the previous paramedic. She checked these and asked me to check her groin. That’s when they changed her diagnosis to possible meningitis.”

“Mollie was given antibiotics. The paramedic explained this would help if it was meningitis. When we arrived at A & E, Mollie received treatment and a CT scan. After suffering a seizure she was put on a ventilator and taken to ICU, where she stayed asleep for 48 hours.”

Thankfully Mollie has now made a full recovery – her parents’ quick action saved her life. Mollie’s college, Kirklees College in Huddersfield, now hope to carry out some fundraising and awareness raising for Meningitis Now.