Our research

The research funded by Meningitis Now has made a huge impact on both the future of meningitis and the people it has affected

We have supported the development of four vaccines – most recently the Men B vaccine which is now part of the childhood national immunisation programme.

Why it’s needed

Roughly 3,200 people are affected by bacterial meningitis each year. More than 300 of these will die and hundreds will be left with permanent disabilities.

We want to see a future where:

  • No one dies from meningitis
  • Anyone who is affected gets the support they need to rebuild their lives

One of the ways of ensuring this is through research, helping us to understand more about why the disease kills and disables, and identifying how to treat and prevent meningitis.

As the disease can strike so quickly, prevention is vital and this remains an integral part of our research. Vaccines have saved thousands of lives but there are still strains of meningitis that are not covered by existing vaccines. 

We also fund preventative research that is not vaccine focussed.


We have funded over £12million of vital research, which has been made possible thanks to the generosity of our supporters - we receive no government funding. This funding allows us to award grants to research teams undertaking projects working towards meningitis and septicaemia prevention.

How can you help?

Text to donate - Donate £3 just by texting MNOW to 70007. It's that easy!