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Believe & Achieve isn't just face to face; there is lots online too

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Sharing your story

We have Instagram and a closed Facebook group, which we use to give advice, tell you about events, run polls for future activities and celebrate all that the Believers & Achievers do.

We also have this page, our Media Wall, for videos and podcasts that we've made with Believers & Achievers. It's also a place for real-life stories of people who have been impacted by meningitis.

Sometimes, we share a part of your story or your passions. These will be things you've sent us to share with others and could include your photos, drawings, music, journaling creations, stories and even tattoos you've designed.

Often, the B&A team meet up with people impacted by meningitis who say that no-one understands them and sometimes they don't know what is going on with their bodies or with their emotions.

You, your stories and your thoughts are crucial, because other people who read the content on our social media and the Media Wall feel accepted, understood and part of a community. For some people, this is the first time that has happened.

Do you want to share something with us?

It could be your story, creations or achievements. Get in contact with the B&A team - we're always looking for something to add to our B&A Facebook or Instagram!

Find out about Believe & Achieve

Meningitis story vlogs

Louise and Holly - meningitis after-effects

Earlier this year Becky met with Louise, one of our YAs, and Holly, a Believe & Achiever, to chat about their experiences of being a young person with meningitis after-effects. We also talked growing up, nights out in clubs and social lives. There was humour, moments of reflection and some interesting revelations too. Luckily we remembered to press record on our first B&A podcast!

Libby and Fiona's meningitis experiences

Libby and Fiona have both suffered with bacterial meningitis. Here they share their experience of meningitis after-effects, their school lives and how Believe & Achieve and Meningitis Now have played a part in their recovery.

Freya's meningitis story

Freya was just 23 when meningitis nearly took her life. She and her boyfriend Ben recount her meningitis story and the after-effects she experienced in the years following.

Asha - the value of mentoring

We spoke with Asha Vijendran, one of our Believe & Achieve mentors, about her experiences as both a mentor and a mentee. Asha shared her thoughts on the value of mentoring and how mentoring can benefit a young person, no matter how big or small their goal.

Believe & Achieve stories

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