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Your stories are a key part of Believe & Achieve. They offer insight into how your lives have been impacted and bring positives and ideas for reaching goals and making changes too

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Here are some of the stories and videos that our Young Ambassadors and Believe & Achievers have shared with us.

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Rosie's meningitis story

Here's Rosie, one of our Young Ambassadors, talking about the support she's had with Meningitis Now.

Louise and Holly - meningitis after-effects

Earlier this year Becky met with Louise, one of our YAs, and Holly, a Believe & Achiever, to chat about their experiences of being a young person with meningitis after-effects. We also talked growing up, nights out in clubs and social lives. There was humour, moments of reflection and some interesting revelations too. Luckily we remembered to press record on our first B&A podcast!

Asha - the value of mentoring

We spoke with Asha Vijendran, one of our Believe & Achieve mentors, about her experiences as both a mentor and a mentee. Asha shared her thoughts on the value of mentoring and how mentoring can benefit a young person, no matter how big or small their goal.

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