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There are many reasons why you might benefit from seeking legal support after meningitis

Legal support LB

Disability and educational rights

  • Up to a third of people are left with lifelong after-effects following meningitis
  • Help is available, but you might need guidance on what you are entitled to
  • Do not worry how long ago the meningitis experience was, as often the impact is not evident for some time, especially with children. Advice is there for you whenever you need it

Work and employment

  • Even if you’ve had a good outcome, it is important to manage your return to work carefully
  • If you’ve been left with after-effects, it might mean you can’t undertake the work you did before, or you need extra assistance or aids to help you
  • Understanding your rights will help in your return to work

Clinical negligence

  • Most people receive excellent care, but occasionally that standard of care may be less than you believe you should have received, for yourself or a loved one
  • You might want to make a formal complaint, secure an apology, or ensure lessons are learnt
  • You might want to ask about compensation, particularly where you or a loved one are now facing a future with lifelong after-effects which will require long-term care
  • Appropriate legal advice can help guide you and ensure you understand your options and make the most appropriate decision for you and your loved one
  • Clinical negligence is a complex area of law, so it is essential that you contact a firm of solicitors with specialist knowledge and expertise

A helping hand after meningitis

This guide gives practical legal advice in some of the areas that may need to be addressed following meningitis such as disability and education rights, work and employment, medical law and negligence.

Read it now:

Getting legal advice

Although we cannot formally endorse any law firm, we are pleased to provide details of the following firms, all of whom have extensive clinical negligence experience and strong reputations in the areas that are particularly relevant after meningitis. 

  • It is important that you understand that these companies support our general fundraising efforts, but we do not get any referral fees if clients go to them from our information.
  • In addition, any contact you have with any of these firms is entirely confidential between you and them. We are not involved in any way unless invited by yourself.

The Law Society

The Law Society is a professional body for solicitors in the UK, and the following pages provide information about additional firms in your local area. Please be aware, we cannot endorse the firms listed or comment on their expertise or reputation.

We are here for you

Don’t face meningitis alone - we can help you. Call our Meningitis Helpline on 0808 80 10 388 or email to access our free support. Whatever your experience, whenever it was, please get in touch. Our support is for life.

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