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Aimee's story

8th September 2015

Karina’s daughter Aimee was born three months premature and was a very sick baby. But despite a difficult start in life and to date 12 brain operations, she has grown into a brave and strong six-year-old little girl, thriving at mainstream school.

Aimee's story

Karina tells their story.

“We were in hospital and Aimee was born three months premature on 22 November 2008, weighing just 3lbs. She was a very sick baby – she had mottled skin and was pale and yelping. All her obs were off target. She deteriorated and was so sick her weight plummeted to 2lb 6oz.

Aimee had contracted bacterial meningitis of the brain. She developed hydrocephalus from the meningitis and a cyst was found on her brain six months later from the meningitis. She then had a second and third telescopic shunt fitted.

Aimee also has epilepsy caused by damage to her brain from the meningitis and unbelievably contracted bacterial meningitis again last October and was rushed back to hospital to have EVD shunts and daily lab tests of CSF fluid to make sure the levels of meningitis were going down.

She was bedridden for two weeks and her EVD shunts were attached to the outside of her head with drip stands on each side with level markers and long bits of string for when she sat up, as the shunts work on gravity."

Thriving at school

“When she returned to theatre she had a double brain op to replace two brand new shunt systems – she has had 12 brain surgeries in her short life so far but is now six-years-old and thriving at mainstream school.

Aimee has long-term lifelong conditions ahead of her, but she's one brave and strong little girl, having fought meningitis twice as well as her prematurity.

Reading everyone else's story on Facebook and the website and knowing we aren't alone in this journey makes such a difference to us.”