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Alfie B's story

12th November 2019

Stephanie’s active son Alfie was very sleepy and had a high temperature. When he had a convulsion he was rushed to hospital where meningococcal meningitis was quickly diagnosed and treatment started

Alfie B's story

He went on to make a good recovery, as Stephanie, from Airdrie in North Lanarkshire, tells us here.

“On 1 November 2015 our 2-year-old son Alfie woke up as usual and followed his usual routine of breakfast and watching cartoons."

“Around 1pm he gained a high temperature and became very sleepy. This was unusual for Alfie as he's normally very active. We gave him some paracetamol and kept an eye on him."

“At 3pm our world was turned around."

“Due to having a high temperature he had a febrile convulsion, which caused us to phone a 999 ambulance. Paramedics arrived and as he was still unresponsive we were rushed to Monklands General Hospital, Airdrie."

Unsure what was wrong

“After initial diagnosis doctors were unsure what was wrong as all blood tests were negative and they thought he just had a viral infection."

“However, due to him still being very drowsy the consultant decided to send us by ambulance to the paediatric ward at Wishaw General Hospital. Again, he was examined and the doctors were still unsure of what was wrong."

“More bloods were taken and within an hour we couldn't believe what we were being told… Alfie had contracted meningococcal bacterial meningitis."

Rash last to appear

“The rash was last to appear but by then the fast-acting doctor on call had already started the treatment."

“We spent the full week in Wishaw General and I can honestly say that we cannot thank the NHS staff enough… they saved our child's life."

“Alfie is now a happy and healthy 6-year-old who lives life to the full and doesn’t let anything hold him back."

Closer together

“Meningitis has definitely brought our family closer together and made us realise that your full life can change in an instant. We are just so grateful to have Alfie here with us today."

“To say thank you we held a fundraising event with all proceeds going to Meningitis Now. The charity was so grateful and the support from them was second to none.”