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Amber's story

6th November 2014

In October 2012 Hayley’s beautiful baby girl Amber was born. For the first couple of days all was well. However, when Amber was just five days Hayley noticed she was extremely unwell. Amber had contracted viral meningitis

Amber's story

"Throughout the day she had become more and more lethargic and that night we couldn't wake her at all.

"Her breathing was fast and she had an increasing temperature. We rushed her straight to hospital where we were put straight in an ambulance to Bristol Children's Hospital, where tests were immediately carried out.

"I heard the name meningitis a few times but stayed positive because Amber had not developed a rash. I assumed no rash, no panic ... How wrong was I?

"Little did I know there are two types of meningitis, bacterial and viral (with no rash).

"Amber had been diagnosed with viral meningitis and my whole world fell apart. I thought I was going to lose my baby. Thankfully we were one of the lucky ones and Amber made a full recovery and is now doing well.

"Meningitis Now do an amazing job of raising awareness and educating people about such a terrible disease.

"They also offer support for families who are going through or have been through such a difficult, terrifying and sometimes devastating time."