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Amy K's story

1st February 2009

Amy faced a frightening time when she was rushed to hospital with meningitis at the same time as her young son

Amy K's story

The drama unfolded in February 2009 after Amy had been feeling unwell for several days.

"I hadn't felt well for a couple of days but then the other symptoms emerged quite quickly. I just remember having an excruciating headache, it was unlike anything I can explain but it woke me up in the night and had me in tears.

I was really sensitive to lights and had a stiff neck and fever. My husband Rich rushed me to hospital where I went downhill quite quickly.

Coming on with a vengeance

"It seemed to come on with a vengeance and they treated me with antibiotics straight away, which saved my life.

Finn had been unwell too so we took him in and he was treated in the paediatric ward. It was a horrible situation because I wanted to help him but was so ill myself."

Luckily Finn, who was almost one at the time, was given the all clear and doctors ruled out the disease.

Amy was in hospital for a week and off work for a further five weeks as she recovered. She continued to have headaches for the following six months and suffered from migraines in addition to temporarily losing her sense of smell.

The traumatic period prompted Amy to do something positive to help protect others from meningitis in the future. She cycled from London to Paris in July 2010 to mark a remarkable recovery.

Amy, from Warwick, said: "People don't normally associate meningitis with adults but I've since learnt that it can strike anyone at any time. I wanted to do it for a cause close to my heart because I cannot believe how lucky I was to pull through without any after-effects.

I did a lot of training, not just on my bike but on the cross trainer and doing a lot of different sports. It was a fantastic few days and, although really tough due to the wind, I really enjoyed the whole experience."

Money raised from Amy's fundraising efforts will go towards Meningitis Now’s Vaccine Campaign.