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Balvinder S’s story

22nd November 2018

Balvinder, a British born mother of three, went to India to attend her cousin’s wedding. Whilst there though she became ill and is now in a coma fighting for her life due to partial organ failure and TB meningitis

Balvinder S’s story

Balvinder travelled to Delhi and then on to Chandigarh, where she had mosquito bites, leading to vomiting and diarrhoea.

This led to her vital organs, such as her kidney and liver, overcompensating, leading to partial organ failure.

She also suffered multiple seizures, due to becoming hypoxic, and a heart attack. The hypoxia, which is lack of oxygen reaching the brain, has possibly left her with brain damage. She had been ventilated for many days, taken off but now has been put back on to support her breathing.

Appeal launched

Balvinder’s family has now launched an appeal to help carry on her treatment in India, which is costing £800 a day, and to hopefully find a way to bring the 35-year-old mum home to her children, Jasmeet Kaur, 10, Harpeet 12, and Amanjeet 13.

Balvinder did not have travel insurance for her trip.

Her cousin Sian Singh said: “We need to raise money so that the treatment can carry on out there so once she is stabilised and taken off the ventilator we can bring her back home to her kids and she can receive treatment here with all her family around her.

“Currently it is costing a minimum of £50,000 to get an air ambulance, which we know is not possible to raise. However, another option is to keep her treatment going in India so that they can stabilise her enough to get her onto a commercial flight home with the medical assistance required.

“This is why we are now asking for your help to raise money for this. The kids are devastated without their mum. They are distraught and really want their mum to come back.”

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