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Cheering on a champion cheerleader

29th June 2024

Olivia survived bacterial meningitis and septicaemia as a 2-year-old and, now 10, has recently returned from a hugely successful trip to the World Cheerleading Summit Championships in Florida, as proud mum Emma tells us here.

Cheerleading blog

“It is so important to hold on to hope for children that have been affected by meningitis.”

“Olivia survived bacterial meningitis and septicaemia (meningococcal meningitis) when she was 2- years-old. As a result of the infection, she lost some of her hearing ability in both ears. She is a bilateral hearing aid user and uses a radio aid, which was so very kindly funded by a Meningitis Now Rebuilding Futures Fund grant.

“Olivia is a vivacious, strong, bright and clever little 10-year-old. She thrives in school and in her sports clubs. The meningitis and her subsequent hearing impairment have presented challenges at times, but nothing Olivia has not managed to overcome with great spirit and tenacity.

“Olivia has recently travelled to Florida in the USA to compete in the World's Cheerleading Summit Championships. She and her cheerleading team came 1st in the UK in her division, 1st in Europe, 2nd international and achieved an overall standing of 28th place in the world.

Successful gymnast

“Olivia is also a successful advanced gymnast. She is currently the only hearing-impaired athlete in all of her sport clubs, and in her school.

“Olivia is an amazingly optimistic, brave and wonderful little girl. She works so hard and has achieved so much after meningitis.

“It is so important to hold on to hope for children that have been affected by meningitis.

“Olivia never gives up and always believes in possibility, and that is so inspiring to us as her parents, and to the people who know and love her.

“There can be joy for the survivors of meningitis, and I hope that Olivia’s achievements and the person that she is, can instil some hope for those affected by this life-threatening disease.”