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Daniel M's story

1st December 2010

Daniel tells about how he thought he had the flu, but was soon in hospital fighting meningococcal septicaemia, which means he now uses a wheelchair

Daniel M's story

"In December 2010, I got meningococcal septicaemia with hypoxia brain injury.

I was a healthy man of 28, I would go to work, the pub and go to the cinema. Then, on the morning of December 17, I went to work feeling like I had the flu, by lunchtime I was unable to stay at work, so came home.

My housemates came home and while helping me to bed noticed a rash. After spending three months in Princess Royal ICU, I was moved to the Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability. When I got there I was unable to move or speak.

After all the hard work of everyone at the RHN, I am now able to speak and use my arms again, although I am in a wheelchair.

In October 2011, I was moved to the Transactional Rehab Service at the RHN. It is a special unit for people who are about to return home.

There I had to learn to do stuff for myself; I had to do my own washing up after each meal and my own washing. I learnt how to cook.

And finally after nine months at the RHN, I was able to come home. I want to go back to work as an IT engineer for The North Middlesex Hospital NHS Trust.

I get physio once a week at home and am learning to use the slide board for my transfers to be a little bit more independent."