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Evan S's story

26th May 2015

On 25th March 2015, Evan from Plymouth, contracted Meningitis B (menB) and Septicaemia and sadly passed away just hours later

Evan S's story

Evan’s grandmother, Sarah Carvalho, tells her heart-breaking story here

“On the evening of 24th of March my grandson, Evan, was suffering from a temperature so was taken to see a doctor. He was diagnosed with a virus and sent home.

When my daughter checked on Evan at 3:30am the next morning Evan was sleeping peacefully and showed no sign of any further symptoms. At 7:45am when he was brought down for his bottle he was prickled in a rash from the top of his head too his belly button.

His great grandmother performed the glass test and called immediately for an ambulance.

At 10:15am on the 25th March, Evan cruelly passed away from Meningitis B and septicaemia. He left behind a distraught 17 year old mummy and family who miss him so, so much.”

Earlier this year it was announced that Bexsero, which protects against the UK’s most common form of bacterial meningitis, will be free on the NHS childhood vaccination schedule.

Tragically for Evan, along with many others, the new MenB vaccine implementation comes too late but we are here to support those families affected. We estimate that one life per month could have been lost since the vaccine received its licence in January 2013.

The UK has one of the world’s highest MenB rates, killing more of the country’s under-fives than any other infectious disease.