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Jackson H's story

12th December 2016

Linda’s son Jackson became ill just a fortnight after birth with late onset Strep B meningitis. Fortunately the youngster has bounced back strongly, and at his recent six month check has reached all his milestones to become a happy, healthy and smiley baby. Proud mum Linda and dad Nick from Barnsley, tell their story here

Jackson H's story

“Jackson started becoming unwell the evening before we took him to hospital. He was cranky and unsettled but had been suffering with colic.

We spoke to 111, who said his symptoms sounded like colic. He was no better through the night, so we took him to A&E and he was in resus within 15 minutes.

“Antibiotics were started and the usual tests were done (lumbar puncture, bloods, urine sample). He was also struggling to remove carbon dioxide from his system so was put onto Continuous positive airway pressure (cpap).

“We were warned that if he didn't respond to the cpap he would need intubation. We were transferred to the High Dependency Unit, where he was continually monitored. By this point he had developed a high temperature. Thankfully he responded to the cpap, but wasn't getting any better. That evening it was confirmed that he had late onset Strep B bacterial meningitis and septicaemia was confirmed the following day.

“It took 48 hours before he responded to the antibiotics, but we were still fighting to get his high temperature down. He didn't want to be touched and even the cold air from a fan irritated him. We didn't hold him for three days, just sat and watched and willed him better.

Turned a corner

“After the third day he turned a corner and slowly the monitoring was reduced and then removed. We were able to dress him, feed and cuddle our baby, who wasn't even 20 days old. That day we were moved from HDU into a private room where we spent a total of two weeks whilst he continued his antibiotics.

“We had battles with IV access and he was close to going to theatre to get a line inserted but he managed on with a long line. He went from strength to strength and even started to smile at around three weeks, which was a miracle for us.

“He was discharged home with follow ups and a hearing test which he passed. At his six month check the doctors were really happy with him and, fingers crossed, although we still have to check his development, we have a happy, healthy, smiley 8-month-old who makes us proud and thankful as he passes each milestone.

“Meningitis Now was a source of great help and support to us. In particular it provided accurate information for us to browse on its website.

The family has also organised and taken part in a few events, raising over £2,000 towards our ongoing work.