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Linsay's story

5th July 2017

Linsay Robertson, a 43 year old mum from Edinburgh, contracted meningitis last year

Linsay's story

She has decided to share her inspiring story in a bid to help raise awareness of the disease, and highlight that it isn’t just babies who are affected.

"I took very ill very quickly, with sickness, diarrhoea, high temperature and stomach cramps like I've never had before.

"Within 12 hours of the first symptoms I was admitted to A&E and placed in an induced coma for 12 days, as my body went into major organ failure.

"My family including my 15 year old daughter were told to prepare for the worst.

"I was woken 12 days later with no real knowledge of what had happened. I could see my hands and feet but couldn't feel or move them.


"I later received multiple amputations; below the knee on both legs, my right hand, and all the fingers bar half my thumb on my left hand.

"I have suffered permanent hearing loss in my left ear, kidney failure for which I am currently on the transplant list, and adrenal gland failure. I was discharged from hospital in November 2016.

"It's been a massive adjustment for all of us - my daughter is now attending counselling and is part of young carers.

"I have been so determined to get my life and independence back. - I am now walking on two prosthetic legs and started driving last month.

"The impact of this disease has lessened through time, although kidney failure is my constant worry now.”