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Nicola J’s story

6th December 2019

Forty-year-old Nicola, from Ebbw Vale, was two months pregnant when she became ill. She had a high fever but was freezing, an aversion to lights, vomiting, an awful headache, stiff neck and very achy limbs – all symptoms of meningitis. Fortunately she recovered well, despite ongoing after-effects, and her daughter Lois was born fit and well

Nicola J’s story

“On 1 December 2018 my partner Mark took me to A and E as we knew something was very wrong (I was two months pregnant but didn't feel it was related to that).

“I was admitted to ICU where they diagnosed bacterial meningitis. Unfortunately, whilst in ICU, the meningitis caused a stroke and a seizure. After a week in ICU I was transferred to the stroke ward to start recovering from that and the seizure. I stayed on the stroke ward for nearly six weeks before I was able to be discharged.

Still have weakness

“I'm still recovering from the whole experience and still have left sided weakness from the stroke but thankfully my daughter Lois was born fit and well in June. The care I had from many NHS departments was outstanding and they were very cautious given that I was pregnant when it happened. Fatigue is still the biggest effect I've been left with. Meningitis Now helped me realise the longer lasting effects of meningitis and how I can explain these effects to my friends and family.”