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Oliver T's story

20th February 2017

Rebecca and Chris's son Oliver was just six-weeks-old when he became very unsettled, stopped taking his milk and developed a very high temperature. The youngster, from Milton Keynes, had contracted bacterial meningitis but, trusting her mother’s instinct, Rebecca made sure she got him the treatment he needed to make a good recovery. Rebecca tells their story here

Oliver T's story

“Oliver was just over five weeks early and at six-weeks-old we were told the devastating news that he had bacterial meningitis and an e coli UTI infection.

“At the start of that week we knew something wasn't right; he'd become very unsettled, didn't like to be held, and a few days later he’d stopped feeding all together. We had taken his temperature and it was higher than it should have been.

“I took him to the doctors on the Thursday and was certain he had a urine infection; I'm not sure why, I just felt it. We were sent home and told there was nothing wrong with him but if anything changed to bring him back.

Seen as a paranoid mum

“At that point I felt like I was being looked at like a paranoid mum but not even 24 hours had passed and something still wasn't sitting right with me, so I got him another appointment. The doctor took one look at him and after his temperature reached above 40 he was admitted to hospital.

“We were never prepared for meningitis. They did blood tests as soon as we arrived and urine samples which showed an infection straight away. The next day was heart-breaking when Oliver was taken to have a lumbar puncture at six-weeks- old.

Started on antibiotics

“We were told within hours they could see the infection levels were extremely high and they would start Oliver on a course of antibiotics until the full readings came back. The next day we received the worst news - our baby had meningitis and a rare e-coli UTI infection. We never expected that, he had no rash and that's the sign you always think to look for.

“We spent a very difficult three weeks in hospital at a time when we should have been enjoying him with the world. In total he had to go through 17 cannulas and two long lines which is more than both of us put together. This has to have been the hardest time in our lives but it has made us the most grateful parents. I felt with him being so early we were being given extra time to enjoy him being so tiny, but meningitis robbed us of that time.

“We were so looked after in hospital and I am so thankful to all of the staff on Milton Keynes children's ward and all the research that has gone into curing our baby boy. Our family and friends were such a huge support to myself and Chris and really were our rocks for getting through this. My parents came and visited us every day and kept our spirits high.

Very happy baby

“He is now five-months-old and is a very happy baby, he really enjoys swimming and lots of love and cuddles. He passed his hearing test with flying colours and had his first physio session at the hospital, which has had amazing results. He is due two eye tests, a kidney test and more physio and will be watched for the next two years.

“I can honestly say that we are so utterly lucky to have our son. He is the strongest baby for everything he has been through and has brought our family even closer together. It's made me realise to never take a single moment for granted with your baby and the strength it has given me is unreal. Never feel like you are being a paranoid mum as your instincts are always right. When something in your gut tells you something follow what you believe as that's what can save your child's life. You know your baby better than anyone.“