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Piper T's story

15th July 2020

Meningitis can strike very quickly and without warning, something mum Ellé discovered in February this year. She tells the story

Piper T's story

"My little baby Piper had her vaccinations on February the 7th of this year and she was unsettled, I put it down to her jabs.

"That evening but before the night ended she was in A&E; her dad noticed that her breathing wasn’t right. I was later sat in the ward by myself at five in the morning when I received the devastating news that Piper had contacted meningitis.

"It took a day to figure out what kind and we found out it was bacterial meningitis. The doctors also told us we were extremely lucky it was caught so early and if we had waited another 24 hours she probably wouldn’t have been here. Our little fighter fought it off and remarkably she hasn’t received any side effects, she’s now seven months and doing amazingly.

"I came across the video of Enzo (on the Meningitis Now YouTube channel) and I’m honestly in tears, and to think I could have been a grieving mother. My heart goes out to all the families that never got to take their babies home but I’m so thankful that I did."