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Thomas N's story

18th May 2017

The memory of her 16 year old son fighting for his life in a hospital bed still haunts Jayne. But what she didn’t know then was that 12 months later Thomas would still be in torment and she would know nothing about it

Thomas N's story

Like many people who survive both the viral and bacterial forms of meningitis, Thomas wasn’t the same afterwards.

For months, he suffered in silence from devastating after-effects. In his case, it was severe headaches, which he kept secret from his mum and dad because he didn’t want to cause them any more pain.

That’s a terrible burden to live with day in, day out. Thomas suffered alone in silence for months until eventually it all became too much to bear. One night he broke down and asked his mum if she would help him to end his life. He simply could not cope with the pain any longer.

“When nobody else listened, Meningitis Now did.”

“I needed help so I rang Meningitis Now,” says Jayne. “All I wanted was someone to hold our hands and tell us it was going to get better.”

Our trained Helpline staff were there, ready to help in whatever way they could. They told Jayne about the Meningitis Now counselling service and how it could help Thomas to have a trained therapist to talk to. They also spent time talking to Jayne, reassuring her and showing her that she wasn’t alone. We were there for her too.

Since attending our counselling sessions, Thomas is much better and is finding ways to cope with life after meningitis.

We know that less than half of those people suffering the potentially extensive and destructive after-effects of meningitis are getting access to the support and information they need. That is why our free helpline and counselling services are so vital. Every month, more than 500 people contact our helpline for help. And our trained counsellors are available across the UK to help anyone suffering because of meningitis.