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Tyler G's story

18th January 2018

Young Tyler had a difficult start in life and was diagnosed with meningitis at just a couple of days old. This has left him with severe autism and needing 24-hour care. Mum Kim, from Haverfordwest in Pembrokeshire, tells their story here

Tyler G's story

“Tyler was born 11 days overdue on 27 July 2012. I went into labour on the 25.

His labour was slow and didn't seem to progress once I reached 10cm. A staff changeover resulted in a new consultant on shift demand that Tyler was delivered immediately.

“Once delivered, he was rushed to the special care baby unit with breathing difficulties. He was blue/grey at this point. He was sent back to the ward with me hours later saying he was now okay.

Developed rapid breathing

“We were discharged from hospital on 28 July. That night from around 11pm to 2am Tyler projectile vomited and had a high pitched cry. He developed rapid breathing and could not be settled.

“We rushed him back to the maternity ward where he was taken back to the special care baby unit. He was given a lumbar puncture and was started on IV antibiotics.

“It turned out that Tyler had bacterial meningitis. He had no rash, which was the only sign we were aware of. He was sedated for the coming days to let his body rest. We were slowly allowed to feed him and eventually bathe him.

“Tyler now has severe autism and is non-verbal. He attends a specialist autism unit. He needs 24-hour care. He has no awareness of danger. He also has sensory processing disorder and pica.

“It means I have had to give up work as a driving instructor to care for him.”