We'd like to thank...

Daisy First Aid

With the launch of Toddle Waddle's shiny new rebrand, there are some very special people that we'd like to thank.

We’ve teamed up with the award-winning first aid trainer, Daisy First Aid, to help parents overcome their fear of meningitis and take steps to fight back against it.

The partnership will build on the work that Daisy First Aid already does to inform parents about the signs and symptoms of meningitis through handing out our signs and symptoms cards on its courses. It is also hoped that each Daisy First Aid group around the country will hold a Toddle Waddle during the first ever Toddle Waddle Week between 4 and 10 June.

Find out more about the partnership here.

We’d also like to thank Rebecca Canavan for her beautiful illustrations; you can read about Rebecca's involvement in the project here.

Toddle Waddle - Rebecca Canavan logo

Toddle Waddle promo