Claire R's story

16th February 2017

Claire, from Worksop in Nottinghamshire, fell ill when she was 18 in 1991. She initially had flu-like symptoms but when a ‘blood blister like rash’ appeared she was rushed to hospital – just in the nick of time! She tells her story here

Claire R

“I was at work and started feeling a bit off it. As the afternoon wore on I felt really sick and had a headache.“

“I went straight to bed when I got home but later started vomiting and my headache became so bad I even banged my head on the wall to try and get rid of the pain. On Day 2 I had light sensitivity and was being sick still. I couldn’t stand even the bedclothes touching me.“

“By Day 3 I noticed a rash and my mum phoned the doctors again. They arrived within minutes and injected me with antibiotics and arranged an ambulance. I remember having the lumbar puncture but after that not much else for a few days. I am very lucky that I don’t have any lasting effects from this illness. The hospital told me it was a matter of hours if I hadn’t got to them when I did.”

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