Elizabeth’s story

12th August 2015

Nurse Elizabeth had what she thought was a bad migraine. But the 21-year-old had contracted meningitis and was found dead in the nurse’s home five days later. Father Mike tells her sad story

“Our daughter Elizabeth had taken her State Registered Nurse final exams at Hillingdon Hospital in March 1987.”

“In early April 1987, she was home, seeing her sister's new baby and had what seemed to be a very severe attack of classic migraine, with basilar headache. She suffered from migraine.”

“She insisted that I took her back on Monday 6th April as they were short staffed at work."

“On Wednesday 8th April, Elizabeth phoned from the Nurse's Home at Hillingdon Hospital, to tell the Sister that she couldn't be on duty, as she had what she thought was another bad migraine."

“No one checked on her until Sunday 12th April, when some other students were worried that they had not seen Elizabeth for five days.”

“They borrowed the pass key from the night porter and found Elizabeth dead on her bed.”

“Because of the delay in finding her, the post mortem was not conclusive, but because of the symptoms prior to her death, it was decided that it was most probably from meningitis.”

“She was just 21 years old and we know that she had passed her exams.”

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