Ethan S’s story

25th May 2017

Baby Ethan has had a difficult first few months of life after contracting meningitis very soon after birth. He needs daily treatment and has a very low immune system. But, mum Emma, from Burton Latimer in Northamptonshire, feels lucky to have him with her. She tells their story here


“Ethan was born on the 16th December 2016, perfectly healthy.”

“Unfortunately, within around 11 hours Ethan became suddenly ill and was on life support. His large intestine had perforated causing ecoli sepsis and bacterial meningitis. He was taken to another hospital for emergency surgery. Myself, Ethan’s dad James and big sister Lydia were told to prepare for the worst as his chances of survival were slim.”

“Ethan was started on specific antibiotics via a long line. He had three weeks of intense treatment, during which time he slowly came off the life support.“ 

Small for his age

“Since then he's had a very low immune system and respiratory problems. He also suffers from his lungs collapsing. He needs daily suction and an apnea alarm. He's very small for his age; he’s now 5-months-old and he's just gone into newborn size.”

“Unfortunately the meningitis caused a condition called hydrocephalus, which is excess amounts of fluid on the brain. The meningitis caused a blockage and scarring to his spine and brain so he can't reabsorb the fluid as normal. He's had two types of brain surgery and now has a VP shunt.”

“Ethan's got a very long way to go and will always have difficulties with his health and development but we're so lucky to have him with us.”

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