Jacob Y’s story

1st June 2018

Hayley’s young son Jacob has had the misfortune to be diagnosed with meningitis three times in his short life. Fortunately, thanks to quick treatment he has no lasting damage and is now a fit and thriving almost 5-year-old. Hayley, from Coventry in the West Midlands, tells their story here

Jacob Y“My son Jacob contracted viral meningitis following his birth in August 2013 for reasons unknown. He was in hospital for a period of nearly three weeks but recovered well."

“Eight weeks post birth, Jacob contracted bacterial meningitis. His symptoms were nothing other than a high temperature and not feeding. Only later did we find out that he had come into contact with another child, who was admitted that same night with meningitis."

“When Jacob was 18 months old he was again hospitalised with a viral form of meningitis. I’m so thankful and feel hugely fortunate that on each occasion he was checked out immediately and has no lasting damage. What scares me is that Jacob never had the traditional symptoms such as the rash. If we waited for the rash with the bacterial meningitis, Jacob may well have suffered a worse fate."

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