Reed's story

7th January 2016

Lethargy, aversion to daylight, screaming when laying flat, a temperature and a pale complexion alerted mum Jenna that her five-week-old son was extremely unwell

Reed letterbox
After calling NHS Direct, Jenna took him straight to A & E where she found out the devastating news that her little boy had bacterial meningitis.

She recalls her story here.

“My son, Reed, was five weeks old and never really seemed right from birth.”

“We had been away to Centre Parcs for the weekend when his distress became more obvious. He was constantly crying, wouldn't drink much of his milk, he couldn't stand daylight and being laid flat was hard. His head seemed limp, and he was very hot and generally unwell.”

“I called NHS Direct and they advised me to go straight to A & E, which was so scary.”

“We there immediately and within two hours Reed had been seen and was on a ward ready for his lumbar puncture and have his IV fitted.”

“I thank god we caught it quickly. We were in hospital for a week before we were released but went back every day for an antibiotic injection.”

“Luckily Reed has now made a full recovery and is an amazing little boy - he's my fighter.”

“Reading other people's stories has made me feel like I’m not feel alone - it hit me about a year after Reed’s experience whilst I was watching a programme how serious meningitis is and how things could have been a lot different.”

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