Shaun's story

22nd November 2019

Susan’s son Shaun, 27, was poorly over Christmas 2007 and deteriorated in the New Year. He had contracted pneumococcal meningitis and the family were soon faced with the agonising decision to turn the young dad’s life support off. Susan, from Bradford in West Yorkshire, tells their story here

Shaun's meningococcal meningitis story

“Shaun had a cold and earache over Christmas and it gradually got worse."

“On 2 January he went to the out of hours doctors at the hospital, where he was prescribed ear drops."

“The next day he was worse, so went to see his own doctor. He had a severe headache, light sensitivity and a stiff neck and was sent home with antibiotics."

“He was then sick in the afternoon and became unresponsive. An ambulance was called and he was taken to hospital, put on life support and transferred to intensive care."

Unlikely to survive

“The next day we were told he had pneumococcal meningitis and he was unlikely to survive."

“He had brain stem tests on the Friday and was pronounced brain dead at 1.26pm. We then had to turn off his life support."

“He was 27 years old and had a 14-month-old son."

“Shaun is missed every single day. We try to raise awareness of meningitis, especially as it can affect adults, not just babies and young children - it can affect any age."

“We heard about Meningitis Now from the hospital and they have supported us with counselling and through their Family Days.” 

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