Steven's story

13th February 2018

Steve Leman from Newcastle Upon Tyne, ran the Great North Run last year, raising money for Meningitis Now


After he contracted meningitis in 1989, Steve was lucky enough to make a full recovery. However, his experience has left him wanting to help others affected by this awful disease.

"Last year I decided to run the Great North Run as a personal goal for myself, and in doing so felt it would be a great opportunity to raise money and awareness for a charity close to my heart."

"I was just eight days old when I began to show symptoms of being unwell, including a fever and not being able to settle. I was taken to my doctor’s surgery, where two different GPs decided to send me home. Later, within minutes of my health visitor arriving, I was rushed to hospital. Once at hospital I was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis. Doctors weren’t sure whether I would even survive, and if I did they were sure there was a high probability I would be left brain damaged or deaf."

"After a fortnight in hospital I made a full recovery and was sent home with no lasting damage. This was only possible due to the extreme vigilance of my health visitor and the incredible expert care given by the hospital staff. Luckily for me I was so young I have no memory of this experience. However, my parents do and it’s something they will never be able to forget."

"Meningitis Now gave me a platform to help raise awareness and money through their charity placement in the GNR 2017, and I’m really pleased to have been able to help this great charity."

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