Suman's story

6th August 2020

In March 2018, 26-year-old Suman was suffering from a non-stop headache, from the moment he woke up until he went to sleep

Suman bacterial meningococcal meningitis case study

Eventually, after his symptoms worsened, Suman, from Croydon, Surrey, was taken to hospital after passing out at home, where it was found he had contracted meningococcal meningitis. He tells his story:

“It all began with constant headaches, which I turned a blind eye to. I became used to taking paracetamol 3/4 times a day.

“Eventually, after being sent home one day by my manager to take it easy I passed out that same night in front of family, who called the ambulance. Initially I had a lumbar puncture, which showed clear(ish) liquid - a good sign - and I was let go for the night after some monitoring and paracetamol drip.

“The next day I woke up with a painful headache again, only this time I started vomiting violently.

Five different antibiotics

“Back at the hospital a second lumbar puncture was taken and examined under a microscope, which confirmed that I had meningococcal meningitis. Five different antibiotics were applied via drip and after a process of elimination they found one that was helping my recovery.

“A few weeks later I had made an astounding recovery with the awesome help of the NHS, who I owe so much to.

“After being discharged there were a few issues I had to overcome, the first being my ability to walk as the lumbar puncture did not go 100% perfect and had hit a nerve. I struggled to walk for a few weeks.

“The second issue was a partial loss of vision in one eye, which I noticed at work working on spreadsheets.

You're not alone

“All in all, the experience was life-changing and after browsing the subject on Instagram I am happy to see Meningitis Now and what they do to help people and connect to show you’re not alone.”

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