Tom B's story

21st February 2019

Tom fell ill following a school trip, with an extreme headache, vomiting and fever. Since then his meningitis has returned three times and he lives in fear of further attacks

Tom B bacterial meningitis case study

Tom, from Basford in Nottingham, tells his story here.

“I first contracted meningitis at 15 following a school trip. Unfortunately, being abroad when symptoms began, I was given steroids, which caused the bacteria to grow and resulted in me having numerous abscesses in my brain, eyes and neck."

“One of the biggest was on my cerebellum and the surgery to remove this left me unable to walk, talk and with a lasting weakness in my left side."

Hole in my skull

“This surgery also left a small hole in my skull, which continues to let infection build up and has meant I have contracted meningitis with various bacteria on three more occasions."

“We are now looking at what can be done to fill this hole in my skull."

“I live in constant fear that every time I get any small infection, like a cold, this could become worse for me and I could end up back in hospital with meningitis."

“This constant worry is something which is really not easy to live with. I have problems sleeping and sometimes find myself in tears with the worry.”

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