Trevor F’s Story

5th February 2023

Trevor was only four when he sadly died having contracted meningitis. Twenty-three years on his family continue to celebrate Trevor’s life. His family share their story

Trevor F's meningitis story

4 year old Trevor died from bacterial meningitis in January 1999. The memories of his illness and sad death still feel very real for his family.

"We cannot believe how quickly it all happened. We just thought it was flu, but now all we have are memories. He was a lovely boy." 

"He was very happy and always smiling. He never stopped for anything, not even for sleep sometimes." 


Trevor had started to feel ill on the 18th of January, a Monday. He went to school as usual but when he returned home he was aching, tired, and had a rash on his legs. His parents called their doctor who diagnosed a throat infection.  

"We got him some medication but he started being sick again on Wednesday. We took him to the doctor again and were told to keep him off antibiotics and give him plenty of fluids." 

After Trevor became unresponsive the family rushed him to hospital. 

"We went straight to Eastbourne District General Hospital before being transferred to Guy's in London." 

“We tried to keep him awake by promising we would take him to see the boats at Newhaven Marina, which he loved, but there was no response at all." 

Trevor F's meningitis story

Heart-breaking decision 

The family then had to make the heart-breaking decision to switch off the ventilator keeping Trevor alive. 

The family want to encourage parents to get help if their child is unwell. 

"If there is any doubt about your child’s health they should be taken to the doctor, but if they’re getting worse get a second opinion or rush them straight to hospital.

Trevor is still a vital part of the family unit. His mum Tracey and his sisters remember him with a yearly light display.

Jade, Trevor’s youngest sister says; “We want to share our story because it still means so much to our family.  

“This year we will do a light switch on and Santa’s grotto at Christmas. We will also be helping to raise some money.”

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