Victoria’s story

29th January 2015

Victoria, from Hartlepool, was 16 when she contracted viral meningitis in December 2009


She was in and out of her GP’s surgery before she was finally admitted to hospital, where a lumbar puncture diagnosed her condition. She tells her story here.

“I got meningitis when I was 16 years old over Christmas. It started as a cold and then I got really bad headaches, dizziness and sickness. All I wanted to do was sleep. “My mam contacted the NHS helpline, who said it was just a headache. We kept getting told this  until the fifth time we went to the doctors and I was sick in the room

This was when I got admitted into hospital, where I passed out to then find out they were doing a lumbar puncture test. It was the most painful experience I can remember. This came back that I had five types of viral meningitis. From then on my face became swollen and I lost my eyesight in one eye although luckily it came back".

Don’t remember anything

“From this point on I don't remember anything. I was in and out of consciousness but I know I was in the high dependency unit and my family thought it was touch and go with me. I was allowed out of hospital on Christmas day only for four hours and only because my grandparents lived close to our local hospital. I got let out of hospital fully on the 30th December.

I'm lucky I never lost any limbs all I have now is bad ears where they become swollen from time to time. However, last year I had to have surgery in March due to cysts in my head just above my eye and one at the top of my nose. My doctor said I could have ended up with meningitis again but they were removed in time, so I'm very lucky".

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