Dream team conquer London to Paris

21st May 2015

This month, a team of eight cyclists from asset management company TAM Ethical embarked on the 3-day, 300-mile mission of riding from London to Paris

London Paris Ride

The whole team successfully completed the ride and arrived home in one piece, albeit a little sore in parts. It was no mean feat.

Riding all the way from London to Paris was no walk in the park for our amateur cyclists - especially on their bottoms! For all, this was the longest ride they've ever tackled and for some, this was the first time they've ever sat on a road bike.

The entire trip went without a hitch. Despite being faced with the strongest of head winds and met with the steepest of hills, the team kept on pedalling. No difficult encounter could deter the dedicated team in completing the exhausting mission with constant smiles on their faces. They enjoyed every second of the 300-mile venture with comments of, 'So where are we cycling to next year?’

Now I know what you're thinking, 'Clearly they weren't pedalling hard enough!' but actually, for those of you with any experience of being part of a cycling club or team, to be able to ride so effortlessly with a group of people you have never once ridden with before, is an achievement in itself. Unfamiliar French roads were navigated with ease, friends from all walks of life were made and a lot of fun was had, making the cause that little bit more special.

The final push

An overwhelming sense of relief was felt by all as the Eiffel Tower came into view – their ear-to-ear grins could be seen from a mile away! Not only had the team just completed a demanding physical challenge - one of the biggest challenges to date for some of their cyclists - but it was all on behalf of inspiring charities. One of their team members had been exposed to the effects of meningitis and thus they were thrilled to have a charity on board that is working to rebuild a future for those who find themselves in that awful position.

Their fundraising total currently stands at just over £7,300 which will be donated equally between the ten You Give We Give charity partners. Meningitis Now are thus looking to receive over £730 which will make a real difference to our work in saving lives and rebuilding futures.

Christian Holland, TAM’s Head of UK Investment and part of the London to Paris dream team is also participating in the Prudential RideLondon on behalf of Meningitis Now. 

If you now feel inspired to take part in a challenge to make a real difference to our work, take a look at the fundraising events we have on offer