Our team

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Kiera W


    Hello, my name is Kiera. Many years before I was born, my parents had their first child, Dominic. Dominic contracted meningitis B at a very young age, shortly after he won his battle with cancer.

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador day - Ross and Matt

    Matt W

    Hi, I’m Matt. In August 2012 I became a Young Ambassador for Meningitis Now. The Young Ambassador’s role is to promote Meningitis Now to young people, and this is a huge challenge.

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Sophie Brzeskwinski

    Sophia B

    Hi, my name is Sophia. I am from Chiswick in London. I have been involved with Meningitis Now for some time, supporting fundraising.
  • Meningitis amputee Young Ambassador Lyndon Longhorne

    Lyndon L

    Hi I am Lyndon, and I live in Crook, County Durham. At the age of eight and a half months I discovered meningitis.

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Johari A

    Johari A

    Hi, my name is Johari.  I haven’t had meningitis myself, but my younger brother Ato had pneumococcal meningitis when we were little.

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Jasmine

    Jasmine B

    Hi, I'm Jasmine. My experience of meningitis was in 2001 when I had pneumococcal meningitis and became profoundly deaf.

  • Aaron

    Aaron B

    Hi, I'm Aaron. I was only three years old when my six week old sister Lauren contracted bacterial meningitis. 

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Ross P

    Ross P

    Hi I’m Ross, and I live with my family and my brother, who has had meningitis. My brother, Troy, has suffered bacterial meningitis six times due to a head injury.

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Alicia Stephenson

    Alicia S

    Hi, I'm Alicia. I first became aware of meningitis when my sister contracted the disease when she was just two years old.

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Ross Wheeler Clayton

    Ross W

    Hi, I'm Ross. In 1992, before I was born, I lost my four year old brother Dominic to meningitis after he had recovered from cancer. Being mistaken as tonsillitis on Monday because of the lack of awareness, he was sent home.

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Huw Westwood

    Huw W

    Hi, my name is Huw and I live in Porthcawl, South Wales. When I was three years old my mum contracted viral meningitis. 

  • Alison and Alex meningococcal bacterial meningitis case study

    Alex W

    Alison’s eight year old son, Alex, contracted meningococcal septicaemia on her wedding day; within hours Alex had gone from feeling a little ill to being kept alive by a life support machine.

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Nina Darzi


    I personally have not had meningitis but both my dad (who had it as a child, but made a full recovery) and a very close friend of mine did.

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Rosie Heaton


    Hi, I’m Rosie. I had bacterial meningitis when I was seven years old and my life is still impacted by the after-effects the disease left me with on a day-to-day basis

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Louise Greer

    Louise G

    Hi, I’m Louise. I had meningitis when I was 2 and a half. It was just a normal day, I was out washing the car with my dad and then everything changed. 

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Jemma Pressman

    Jemma P

    Hi, I’m Jemma. In August 2012 I got my A-Level results and found out I got into the University of Leicester to study law - I was looking forward to my new adventure.

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Toby Adlington


    Hello, I am Toby and I have witnessed what meningitis does to people and their families.

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Louis


    Hello everyone! I am Louis. 10 years and 15 days before my birth, my family was changed forever when we lost my uncle James. Despite my never having  met my uncle, I have seen firsthand what losing someone to meningitis really does to a family.

  • Meningitis Now Young Ambassador Charlotte Hannibal

    Charlotte H

    Charlotte was a student when she had both legs amputated below the knee, along with all the fingers from her left hand, after contracting meningococcal group W (MenW) and septicaemia.

  • Meningitis Now Believe & Achieve B&A - Peer Mentor - Callum Jones

    Callum Jones

    My name is Callum and I have younger identical twin sisters. I decided to become a volunteer with Meningitis Now after one of my sisters had bacterial meningitis when she was 8

  • Meningitis Now Believe & Achieve B&A - Peer Mentor - Isa Walker


    Hi, I'm Isa and I've been volunteering with Meningitis Now for over 16 years, since my sister died of pneumococcal meningitis and septicaemia when I was 5 years old.

  • Meningitis Now B&A Believe & Achieve Peer Mentor Sophie Coghlan

    Sophie C

    Hello I’m Sophie. When I was 12 I contracted pneumococcal meningitis after suffering from a perforated eardrum. I was hospitalised for two weeks in intensive care at the Bristol Children’s Hospital, where I was fortunate enough to make a full recovery.