Our team

  • Meningitis survivor Holly McNaughton

    Holly McNaughton

    My Meningitis Story, Holly McNaughton, Community Ambassador

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Anne Cadden

    Anne Cadden

    Our daughter Helen died in January 2001, aged 18, from meningococcal septicaemia while in her first year at university.

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Lesley Leaver

    Lesley Chandler-Clare

    I lost my husband, Kevin, to meningococcal septicaemia in January 2000, just five hours after being admitted to hospital. I have been supported by Meningitis Now ever since.
  • Bahman meningococcal septicaemia bacterial meningitis case study

    Bahman Jamalaldini

    In December 2010, I thought I was coming down with a cold. On December 21, I went to bed early and in the early hours of the morning I was vomiting, had diarrhoea, felt cold and had muscle and joint pain.

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Val Stephenson

    Val Stephenson

    I first made contact with Meningitis Now in 2000 when, at the age of two, our youngest daughter, Lydia, contracted meningococcal C and developed septicaemia.
  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassadors Alice and Bryan Austin

    Alice Austin

    In 2004, our daughter, Gillian, died from meningitis just days after the birth of her second child Grace, who also passed away. 

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Vanessa Whiting

    Vanessa Whiting

    In 1992, my son Luke, died from meningitis aged 22 months. He initially had flu-like symptoms, but the doctor thought he’d had a convulsion, so he was referred to the local hospital. 

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Margaret McClaren

    Margaret McLaren

    I have been volunteering with the charity for the past 12 years since losing my nephew to meningitis in October 2007. 

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Steph Carter

    Steph Carter

    I was diagnosed with bacterial meningitis in January 2010 at the age of 32. 

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Angela Cloke

    Angela Cloke

    My meningitis journey began when our youngest son, Sam, aged just 18 months became very poorly. 

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Carl Monthieth

    Carl Montieth

    My first involvement with meningitis occurred when I met Steve, Gloria and family on my honeymoon in Cyprus 27 years ago.

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Alison Walker

    Alison Walker

    I first encountered meningitis in July 2003 when my eight month old daughter, Hannah, contracted pneumococcal meningitis and septicaemia. 

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Mary Garley

    Mary Garley

    We lost our granddaughter, Maisie, in 2008, to meningitis; she was just eight months old. She was taken to hospital early in the morning of 15 October - she was sent home after being told it was just a virus.
  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Fiona Brannan

    Fiona Brannan

    Fiona and her husband, Simon, lost their 16-month-old son Cy to meningitis in October 2007. Cy passed away just 24 hours after contracting the disease.

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Lesley Tanton

    Lesley Tanton

    Lesley Tanton and her husband, John, lost their 14-year-old son, Mark, in September 2010. He had the Y strain of meningitis.

  • Meningitis Now Ambassadors Summer and Jacob

    Jacob Gray

    My name is Jacob. On 10 January 2013 I walked into hospital, where I remained a patient for the next 699 days; I had contracted meningococcal septicaemia.

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Lynette Adjei

    Lynette Adjei

    'Meningitis' – I knew that word but it didn’t mean a lot. ‘Pneumo-what?’ The other word was definitely Double Dutch. 

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassadors Cliff and Jeanette Bull

    Cliff and Jeanette Bull

    When our grandson Charlie woke with a temperature and a rash, his mum Claire knew that something was seriously wrong and rushed him to Bezier Hospital.

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Emma Moore

    Emma Moore

    Emma Moore was 26 when she became a Meningitis Now Community Ambassador in 2015, after losing her son George to meningitis in October 2013 at just 10 months old.

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Hannah Pearce

    Hannah Pearce

    My name is Hannah and I live just outside of Swansea with my husband Ashley.

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Alison Westwood

    Alison Westwood

    I developed viral meningitis in February 2003, when my children were just 1 and 3 years old.

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Julie Green

    Julie Green

    Hello, my name is Julie Green. In January 2012 my son Louie contracted meningococcal septicaemia at the age of 5 months old. 

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassadors Barbara and Bob Johnson

    Barbara and Bob Johnson

    Hello, we are Barbara and Bob Johnson from Essex. We started supporting the charity in the days of the National Meningitis Trust after the death of our son James in May 1991 from Group 'B' meningitis and septicaemia.

  • Meningitis Now Ambassador James Duff

    James Duff

    James was a long-standing supporter and fundraiser for Meningitis Now before becoming a Community Ambassador in 2018

  • Ian Watkinson

    Ian Watkinson

    I first came to know Meningitis Now following the death of my baby grandson, Charlie, from pneumococcal meningitis in 2010 and the wonderful support my family received from them at that terrible time.

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Jonathan Davies

    Jonathan Davies

    I contracted a severe case of viral meningitis in 2002. I was leading an active life, training for my first open water sea triathlon, when viral meningitis struck.

  • Meningitis Now Community Ambassador Graeme Burridge

    Graeme Burridge

    On 7 October 2016, my 23-year-old daughter Katherine came home from work feeling unwell.