Meningitis Now Community Ambassadors Cliff and Jeanette Bull

As Community Ambassadors we are passionate and committed to promoting awareness

Cliff and Jeanette Bull

Community Ambassador

When our grandson Charlie woke with a temperature and a rash, his mum Claire knew that something was seriously wrong and rushed him to Bezier Hospital.

He was diagnosed with meningococcal meningitis together with septicaemia.

He was in a coma with little light at the end of the tunnel but, thanks to the specialist team of doctors, Charlie’s strength and will power helped him to survive this devastating disease. Charlie is a keen cyclist with several wins in France and the UK. After a year of recuperation he is back into competitive cycling.

Meningitis Now is an important part of our lives. The charity was there for us when we needed support, which is why we’re continuing to support you by raising awareness. Over the last few years we have attended events and awareness days, offering information to organisations such as the Red Cross and Age Concern. We have collected cheques from solicitors, schools and Women’s Institute groups.

We are very involved in Freshers’ Week at Nottingham University. We reach out to 7,000 students each year to raise awareness and encourage them to have the vaccine.

As Community Ambassadors we are passionate and committed to promoting awareness to everyone of this awful disease. It is important to us to spread the word about vaccines, and also being there for others who are experiencing the journey we did as grandparents seven years ago.

We hope we can give something back to Meningitis Now, who have always been there for us and our family in our time of need.