Meningitis Now Believe & Achieve B&A - Business Skills Mentor - Craig Ford

You can achieve anything you want with a bit of hard work and application

Craig Ford

Believe & Achieve Next Step Mentor

I am currently a solicitor working in the South West. I left school at 16, joined the Army and spent 23 years in the military medical services.

Whilst in the services I trained and registered as a nurse. I was promoted through the ranks and commissioned as an Officer in 2000. I took advantage of the many sporting opportunities on offer, alongside a fairly demanding '1st' career. 

How did you get into Law?

I decided to do a degree in Law part time with OU/College of Law, as I had been interested in the subject and to keep my grey cells ticking over.

What would you like to share with mentees?

I am a firm believer in life-long learning, as the above shows, and that you can achieve anything you want with a bit of hard work and application. It's all about taking the first step, and the brain, like an elastic band, seldom goes back to its original state once stretched. I am definitely a 'people’s person'.  

I enjoy most things outdoors and being in the company of friends and family.