Meningitis Now Believe & Achieve B&A staff member Laura Williams

I feel very proud to be a part of a programme as unique as Believe & Achieve

Laura Williams

Believe & Achieve Officer

Hello, I'm Laura, one of Meningitis Now's Believe & Achieve Officers

The year you joined the charity

January 2018 - although prior to this I worked for Meningitis Now for 7 years as a Trusts & Grants fundraiser, before re-joining the charity.

A brief overview of your role - what are you responsible for?

My role in Believe & Achieve involves working alongside Becky and Ellie to support young people after meningitis. My main day-to-day jobs include helping to organise and attending events, sending out information, organising our Advisory Board meetings, putting people in touch with counsellors, and over-seeing our coaching programme.  

Your favourite part of your role

My favourite part of the role is meeting new people and getting to work with our brilliant team at Meningitis Now HQ. I feel very proud to be a part of a programme as unique as Believe & Achieve. Seeing the difference it makes to young peoples' confidence, self-worth and outlook on life is amazing.

Your biggest achievements

My biggest achievement to date is supporting Becky in getting the Programme up and running in its first year. Outside of work, my biggest achievement has to be having my two children, who are my whole world. 

A fun fact about yourself

I love to bake cakes and once won an oven, after entering a local baking competition.

How you can be contacted

Email me at or give me a call on 01453 769 040.