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Phoebe's story

5th February 2015

Six-week-old Phoebe was running a temperature and wouldn’t wake for feeds. Her local GP realised something wasn’t right and arranged for her to go straight to hospital

Phoebe's story

Phoebe’s mum, Clare, is convinced his quick thinking helped save her life. She tells their story here.

“My husband Andy and I were shopping at Meadowhall that day in October 2010. It was warm in there and Phoebe was tucked up in her buggy. We were walking around a lot, so didn't think much of her sleeping a lot. We stopped to eat and tried to wake her for a bottle but it was difficult. She took a tiny bit but nothing really. We left and collected our other daughter from school.

I kept a close eye on Phoebe at home and sent my husband to buy a small thermometer to check her temperature (we only had one that goes in your ear and it was too big). She had a high temperature."

The doctor was fantastic

“I called my GP to see if I could give her some Calpol and we were told to bring her in. The doctor was fantastic and helped to save her life. Although she didn't seem too ill, there was something not right, so he sent her to hospital. They did tests that night, took a lumbar puncture and started her on antibiotics straight away.

At 8am the following day the consultant came to see me with the news, Phoebe had bacterial meningitis. We spent a week in hospital and Phoebe responded so well we could change her medication to 24 hourly. This meant we could go home and take her back once a day for treatment."

The importance of that small, sweet smile

“The first time she smiled again I cried as I knew the importance of that small sweet smile. Phoebe suffered circulation problems and we have some behaviour difficulties but we know how lucky we all are to still have her with us.

Meningitis Now was a great support and people there helped me understand and come to terms with my ordeal. Since then we have been on one of their fun days and also raised money for this amazing charity. Raising awareness is so important. Phoebe is now 4 years old and a healthy and happy little girl.”