Timothy's story

23rd September 2015

When he received a phone call that his son had been rushed to hospital, Pastor Phillip Omodeni immediately returned from a holiday in Nigeria to be by his side

Pastor Phillip

It was here that doctors confirmed that Timothy, of Wednesbury, had contracted bacterial meningitis but the outlook was not good and they were told to prepare for the worst.

But Timothy’s family kept their faith and it was not in vain. Pastor Phillip Omodeni tells their story here.

“In February 2014, my son Timothy passed out while at University on campus. He had the attack while alone in Loughborough University private hostel. He tried calling a friend on the phone, but she constantly ignored his call thinking it was his normal ailment, tonsillitis, but after several calls she decided to go and see him.”

“Upon arrival she saw that the condition needed urgent attention and single-handedly carried him down the stairs to a local clinic, where he became very aggressive before he eventually passed out.”

The doctors were very negative and didn’t expect a positive outcome

“Timothy was rushed away in an ambulance and admitted to Leicester Royal Infirmary hospital. He was then in a coma for four days.”

“The doctors and the consultants were not positive on the expected outcome, but we stood and applied the blood of Jesus to disinfect his brain as the doctors said they couldn’t do much because there was little access to that area of the body.”

“It was at one of our meetings with the consultant that God gave me the title of the testimonial book ‘The Assignments’. The consultant was very negative and I said that it was going to be an assignment of God.”

“Today our son Timothy has not only recovered without a scratch, but he has since graduated from Loughborough University in July 2015.”

Since Timothy contracted meningitis, his father, Phillip Omodeni, has written a testimonial book regarding their experience. The book is called "The Assignments" and is available here 

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